Adding a special element or ritual to your wedding is a way of creating a special meaning for you, to make the day a little more meaningful and more than just the legal requirements of the day. Special elements or rituals, can include things like including your fur-babies, warming of the rings, handfasting, unity painting, anniversary box or wine ceremony.

An element such as warming of the rings for instance, is where the rings are passed around from person to person at the beginning of the ceremony and each guest will warm them in their hands and silently imbue the rings with good wishes and hopes and dreams for the future for the couple… Then the rings, full of these positive vibes are exchanged by the couple and have been “warmed” by all their loved ones…

An anniversary box ceremony is where each of the couple being married put together items in a box to be opened on their anniversary. These items can range from a special bottle of wine, letters to each other, or other gifts… nothing perishable as it has to last a year…

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