Whether you call this a reaffirmation of love or a renewal of vows it is still the same thing. When time has passed and you want to show your commitment to your partner in front of your loved ones, you are reaffirming your conmmittment.

It is not a legal ceremony but can incorporate all the non legal requirements of a marriage so that you are able to pledge your love. This means you can have the wedding your mother and mother in law stopped you from having. It can be yours… You do not need to do anything legal for this, so it is a celebration of your love which you can enjoy. If you have married overseas and want a wedding in Australia, this is something you may consider to allow all your family and friends into the special relationship you have with your partner. (It is not legal to have a second wedding as marriages overseas are generally considered legal).

We will meet up, share a few stories and then I will jprepare a ceremony for you. If you wish to have a rehearsal that is fine and we can usually do this the week of the reaffirmation. You don’t need witnesses but you may like someone standing beside you, to affirm your intentions.

We can still do elements of a legal wedding like signing a handmade certificate, but once again, it is your day, so totally up to you…

PRICE $500

reaffirmation/riːˌafəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/noun: reaffirmation;

  1. a reassertion or confirmation of a fact or belief.”a reaffirmation of the conventional values of marriage and family”