What a wonderful time of year this is. With Christmas fast approaching, Santa is only days away from spreading joy and magic, and then the New Year Celebrations, many people will pop the big question and propose to spend forever with their loved one…. Popping the question…

What does it mean? Does it happen when you think to yourself

‘I want to wake up at 2 am and see you and realise I am right where I should be… next to you…’ or you realise that if your soulmate lived to be one hundred, then you would want to live to be one hundred minus one day, so that you wouldn’t have to spend any time without them (adapted from A.A. Milne). Love is an adventure…

Being on holidays inspires this big change… This popping of the question, that is the start to a COMMITMENT!

This also makes it an ideal time to start looking for a celebrant to help make your day magical… For legal reasons, a Notice of Intention to Marry must be given to the chosen celebrant within 18 months and no less than one month prior to the marriage of intended parties. But they have limited availability, so like a photographer, don’t leave till the last minute to find and BOOK…

A Celebrant should about helping you celebrate your day the way you want. Not confined to the walls of a Church, or the beliefs of the religion, a Celebrant can be truly magical, uplifting, Celebratory, fun and let you realize all the dreamy aspects of your day to make it truly UNIQUE experience for you…

I believe having a creative background is essential for making the ceremony a memorable experience for everyone. The art of writing, of storytelling is a skill that I love to portray, using words to tell your story…. because it is about you, your day, your partners day, your families, your friends… they are all part of your lives and part of your day…

Celebrate the MAGIC and IMAGINE your DAY!

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