Obviously I am trying to sell myself, and my ability to help you create magic on whatever day you are having.  I love love, talking in public, taking command, assisting to make sure the day goes right and any theme out there.  Romantic, theactrical, whimsical, a little bit eccentric are all words I have had to describe me.  Married almost 30 years (yes I was very young) and having raised two very beautiful girls, I feel like I have the qualifications!

Whether it be a wedding for two souls to join together forever in a union of wedded bliss, reaffirmation of a long time-tested love, or naming the babe that has been created from the union of two people, I can be your person.  Helping people is what I am good at, it is my PASSION!

We all know that  a Marriage Celebrant has to undergo a course in order to perform the duties or responsibilities properly.  Then there is the appointment by the AG to perform these duties on a yearly basis, pending no complaints to the department.  The thing is… that is something all Civil Marriage Celebrants have to do, it doesn’t make them Unique!

What makes a Civil Marriage Celebrant right for you, is the gel, the ‘it factor’, the camaraderie and ease that they can put you at, knowing that they will handle all the stuff behind the scenes to make your day a reality and viable in the eyes of the law.  Magic doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen…

I will admit I am newish to this particular portion of my life experience.  But that doesn’t mean that I will not put in 110%, or be worse than someone who has performed over 100 weddings.  In fact, it is an advantage, all my information is new and updated.  I am super keen.

But, apart from all that I bring many life experiences, those from nursing over 33 years, 10 years as a midwife, also oncology and then quite a few working with the men and women in uniform as a civillian in Defence Force hospitals.  But all through my life, I also wanted to be creative, and have had my own wedding photography business for many years while I lived in NSW.  While no longer a member of the AIPP, whilst I was, I was awarded 6 silver certificates and 3 bronze… No mean feat for a part timer…  My photography now centres around Couture Portraiture, where I take the story of your life and visulise as FINE ART!

So I am excited to say, I am starting this new journey from a wealth of life experience, just as you are starting your journey!

Allow me show you my passion to make your magical day as unique as you are!!!

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